This week, Wicked Weed brings the Funk to Asheville in a way not seen since George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars last played the Orange Peel in April of 2010.  That’s a long time to go without Funk…

On Friday, October 10th at 4pm Wicked Weed celebrates the opening of the new Funkatorium, a new 12,000 sq. foot barrel house focusing on sour and barrel aged beers.  Located at 147 Coxe Ave and cementing the reputation of Asheville’s South Slope as the Brewery District, the Funkatorium houses over 1,000 barrels of hand-crafted, barrel aged brews, making it one of the largest barrel aging programs in the southeast.  Located just a short walk from the brewery’s flagship restaurant on Biltmore Avenue, the Funkatorium will be a totally unique experience for Asheville’s Brewery District, with the tasting room boasting an entirely different look and feel from the original restaurant – more closely resembling a Belgian bar than an American brewpub.

Many got a sneak peek at the building and barrel house earlier this year while attending the Funk Asheville, A Gathering of Wild & Sour Beers event during the Asheville Beer Week celebrations, an event that hosted more than 20 sour beer brewers from across the country.  This week’s grand opening, however, is all about the Weed, with 16 taps and 2 traditional hand pumps pouring out a wide selection of of WW’s popular sour and barrel aged brews.  Even if you’re not a sour fan the Funkatorium will still have something for everyone – We’re told that 8-10 taps will typically be dedicated to barrel aged beers, with the remaining taps serving up a rotating selection of seasonal favorites from the flagship brewery.

“We wanted to create a place that not only showcased our love of Belgian and sour beer, but also create a full experience,” commented Walt Dickinson, Keeper of the Funk and Head of Brewing Operations. “We wanted them to feel like they had just stepped off the streets of Brussels and into our bar.”  While most barrel aged beers are finished by blending several barrels together to get the best flavor profile, Walt teases us that the Funkatorium will occasionally offer up special single barrel brews.  ”  in the blending process sometimes I will find a really special barrel, now instead of me only having that one moment with the barrel we will be able to keg and share it with anyone who comes in our door.  We will also be pouring Cosette who is the mother beer that makes all of our sours here at Wicked Weed.  She is a simple Blonde sour beer but is so beautiful in that simplicity and will be on pouring from single barrels on cask at the Funkatorium all the time.”

To complement the sour and barrel aged beers, Wicked Weed’s Head Chef Cardiff Creasey has developed a menu of select small plate items designed to complement the unique flavors of these special brews.  “Food items are on the menu under categories such as sweet or savory, composed or earthy,” says Creasy, “I want people to be able to taste their sour beer and have the opportunity to pair it with am earthy item and see how the flavor changes”.

To find out more information about specific items on the Funkatorium menu or to find hours of operation, you can always check the Wicked Weed Brewing website at

What: Grand Opening, Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium
Where: The Funkatorium, 147 Coxe Ave., Asheville, NC
When: 4pm Friday October 10, 2014

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