This Monday, Wicked Weed Brewing begins pre-selling bottles of Dark Arts, a bourbon barrel-aged Wild Imperial Stout.  Initial sales are exclusively available online, with the remaining bottles available for purchase in person on November 1st.

Available in 16 ounce bottles, Dark Arts will push the absolute limits of North Carolina’s ABV cap, registering at a phenomenal 15% ABV. Ticket prices for the online pre-sales are set at $120, guaranteeing 6 bottles of Dark Arts and early entry into a special barrel aged tap takeover (where Dark Arts will be available on draught) on October 31st at Wicked Weed Brewing’s new Funkatorium at 147 Coxe Ave.

Darks Arts has been aging for almost a year now, and rumors have been flying about that this might be Wicked Weed’s best beer yet, tall praise for a brewery that brought home a GABF gold medal just last year. We fully expect that a significant portion of Dark Arts will be sold during the pre-sales event, and undoubtedly sell out completely at the Nov. 1st release party.

The release is limited in numbers, with 1200 bottles available for purchase online at Brown Paper Tickets on October 13th from 12-4pm with a six bottle per person limit and a one ticket per person limit. These bottles will be available for pickup in person during Halloween weekend (October 31st – November 2nd) at Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium. This ticket also purchases entry into Wicked Weed’s Barrel Aged Tap Takeover starting at 6pm on October 31st at the Funkatorium.

General admission to the Barrel Aged Tap Takeover will also be available for purchase at the door on October 31st based upon fire marshal regulated capacity.

For those who were not able to pre-purchase bottles online, or don’t want to commit to 6 bottles, in person bottle sales begin at noon on November 1st in person at the Funkatoiurm.

For all official rules on the bottle sale, read this information provided by the brewery below:

The Pre-Sale Opportunity: On October 13th from 12-4pm, 200 tickets will go on sale at http://darkarts2014.brownpapertickets.com (Brown Paper Tickets) Limit one ticket per-person.

The Ticket: One ticket, $120 (plus NC tax and service charge) purchases 6 bottles of Dark Arts and admission to the Wicked Weed Barrel Aged Tap Takeover.

Ticket Rules:

  • All ticket buyers must be 21 years or older.
  • The individual who purchased the ticket must be present with a valid ID and print out of their ticket at 6pm when doors open for entry to the Barrel Aged Tap Takeover.
  • Only individuals with a valid ID and a ticket in their name will be admitted at 6pm.
  • If an individual’s name appears on more than one ticket, one of those ticket and bottle sales will be null and void. This rule exists to ensure that no one individual has a monopoly or unfair advantage regarding the number of bottles allotted per person.

Pre-Sale Bottle Pick Up:

  • There will be three sessions for pre-sale bottle pick up.
  • October 31st between 6-10pm at the Funkatorium Barrel Age Tap Takeover.
  • November 1st between 12-6pm at the Funkatorium via a VIP line.
  • November 2nd between 1-4pm at the Funkatorium.
  • Regardless of when you choose to retrieve your bottles you must have a valid ID that matches the name on your ticket.
  • NO PROXIES. If any individual other than the ticket purchaser attempts to pick up the pre-purchased bottles, those bottles will be forfeited back to Wicked Weed. The no proxy rule is in place to ensure that as many people as possible have the chance to purchase Dark Arts. We cannot under any circumstance ship bottles of Dark Arts. By purchasing a ticket you acknowledge that you are obligated to pick up your bottles in person.

The Catch(es):

  • Only 200 tickets will be pre-sold for bottles and tasting room entry at 6pm. These tickets are the only guarantee for bottles and tasting room entry on October 31st.
  • Our capacity (number of people allowed in our Tasting Room at one time based upon fire marshall regulations) is small so we highly recommend trying for one of these tickets.

Other information:

General admission tickets will be available at the door ($18 for entry) (based on capacity) and is only good for the Barrel Age Tap Takeover.
Dark Arts will be on draught but no bottles of Dark Arts will be sold until Saturday (11/1)…and it’s Halloween, so you’re encouraged to dress for the occasion!

In Person Bottle Sales:

  • Regular Dark Arts bottle sales will commence Saturday (11/1) at 12pm at the Funkatorium. 6 bottle maximum per person.
  • Line will form outside the patio roll door. All individuals waiting in line will be ID’ed and issued a numbered wristband in order in which you arrived.
  • No individual may go through the line twice.
  • Just because you’re in line, there is no guarantee that you be able buy a bottle…as mentioned the quantity of bottles is limited, and WW is certain to sell out.

What: Dark Arts online Bottle Sales from Wicked Weed
Where: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/885394
When: 12-4pm, Monday, October 13th, 2014

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