Let’s just have a nice cold pint and wait for all of this to blow over…

This Sunday, and for the rest of the TV Season, Lexington Avenue Brewery (Lab) is hosting Walking Dead screening events in their back room.  Should an actual Walking Dead Apocalypse occur while you’re at the Lab, the crack staff has been trained on what to do in the event of such an outbreak and will immediately drop and lock the doors.  This puts you in your friends in a highly secure facility with a kitchen and a brewery, meaning you’ll be able to hold up for years without every wanting to go outside.

They’ll have snacks and popcorn available, and we’re assuming you can also order off the menu.  So – if you lack cable or just feel safer in numbers, the Lab has got you covered!  They’ll play the previous week’s episode at 8:00, with the new show starting at 9:00.  You’ll want to get there a little early to guarantee your seat and to settle in and order a nice cold pint.

What: Walking Dead Watchers at the Lab
Where: The Lab, 39 North Lexington Ave., Asheville, NC
When: Sundays until the season ends

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