Mathematically, a Vortex is defined as the curl of the velocity field of the fluid, usually denoted by by  omega and expressed by the vector analysis formula  , Where   is the nabla operator…at least that’s what Wikipedia says. All that higher math makes our brains hurt, so we’re going to Pisgah Brewing Co. this Friday for the release of their Vortex II Imperial Stout to see if this knowledge of fluid dynamics will be imparted to us through some osmotic process.

A crowning achievement of the Pisgah brewers, and a dynamic fluid in its own right, the Vortex II is the dark side of the Imperial Vortex series from Pisgah Brewing, and comes in the form of a Russian Imperial Stout. The drink of choice for Imperial Czars and Aristocrats of the old Russian court, the Vortex II is one of the darkest and richest of the Pisgah beers, and it’s decadence may even sway you from your proletariat leanings. Pisgah recommends you “enjoy with friends, and appropriate amounts of caution”…after all, they don’t want you starting any revolutions.

The Winter 2013 batch of Vortex II will be released in small batch, half of which will get a massive chocolate infusion in the form of Costa Rican Coco nibs sourced from local chocolatiers at the esteemed French Broad Chocolate Lounge. Both the original version of Vortex II as well as the chocolate version will be available in 22 oz. bombers.

Music will be available at this release events from The Blood Gypsies, a group know for combining elements of Blues, Soul, & Jazz into their signature sound, with food available from Ricardo’s Authentic Salvadoran Pupusas.

What: Pisgah Brewing’s New Vortex II Release
Where: Pisgah Brewing Co., 150 Eastside Dr, Black Mountain, NC
When: 6:30 pm (show Begins at 8), Friday, December 20, 2013

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