The icing on Sugar Hill’s epicurean cake, the frothy head to Carb Corner’s pint of doughy, yeasty guilty pleasures – is now open.

Located on Beachams Curve, or “Carb Corner” as some locals like to call it, Archetype Brewing is nestled in with Hive Mind Pizza and Owl Bakery, all purveyors of yeasty treats. While the brewhouse stirs & boils in the background, working toward the summer release of Archetype’s first selection of house beers, the taproom is now open with a pleasing selection of some of Asheville’s finest craft brews.

“The brewhouse install is wrapping up and we plan on our first brew day happening early June, so there will be a good bit of our own beer coming out in July. In the meantime, we’re playing around with different recipes on our pilot system and fine tuning our production area. We’re all excited to see the product of everyone’s hard work – the construction crew, friends, family, and our staff have done an amazing job helping us get this place up and running.”

Steven Anan, Founder/Head Brewer

The taproom has the elements Ashevillians have come to expect from their breweries – games, community tables, music and a range of food options within feet from the bar. There are board games and a comfortable seating living room inspired by one owners love for British pubs, a plethora of toys and activities for the children including a rock pit with construction vehicles, a kids table with a custom made ‘build your own brewhouse’ block set, and even a monthly afternoon kids story hour.

Archetype’s website states: “Our focus is to produce clean, true-to-style American and Belgian-inspired ales. We believe creativity is one of the constant driving forces of the craft beer industry, but we also believe quality should come first. Because of this, we strive to make high-quality, creatively complex beers to stand alongside our flagships. We also believe that there is a beer for just about everyone; whether you’re an everyman, a lover, a ruler, or an outlaw, our goal is to substantiate that belief.” With that in mind we’re expecting great things for our newest neighborhood brewery and look forward to trying their summer releases!


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