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Twin Leaf Brewery’s month-long anniversary celebration continues with a double bottle release of their flagship Luminosity Belgian Tripel and, for the first time ever, their new Point of consciousness Coffee Tripel.

Deep golden in color, with a wonderful complexity from the classic Trappist yeast strain, their Luminosity is slightly sweet and fruity with notes of orange, banana, spice and soft alcohols. This high gravity tripel is surprisingly easy drinking with a light body which, if you aren’t careful, can sneak up on you! Permanently available on tap, this flagship brew will only be available in bottles for a limited run.

Their Luminosity became so popular over the years they began to experiment with a variety of adjuncts. Coffee was by far the most well-received of those adjuncts, and thus the search for the perfect roast began! After several different batches, they finally found exactly what they were looking for with the help of their friends at High Noon Coffee Roasters. Twin Leaf Brewery is very proud and excited to introduce the first run of the Point of Consciousness Coffee Tripel in 500 ml bottles. Drawing on inspiration from the cult classic, A Clockwork Orange, this flavor-packed brew calls you to awaken, explore, discover, and reach your Point of Consciousness.

Both brews will be available in 500ml bottles and on tap while supplies last. Don’t miss out!

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