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Pints w/ Professors is a monthly series featuring a local professor from UNC Asheville. These free lectures will have a unique focus and perspective each month depending on professor we have lined up for the month.

On April 4th learn about biodiversity in your homes state of North Carolina with Dr. Graham Reynolds. “A trip through the Metazoan Tree-of-Life in the Tar Heel State” will give us insight into the uniquely diverse landscape of the land we live in and are responsible for stewarding.

Dr. Reynolds’ research program uses genetic data, both lab-generated and simulated in silico, to study the evolution, ecology, and conservation of reptiles and amphibians in the southeastern United States and Caribbean. He is especially interested in pairing modern genetic and statistical methods with good old fashioned natural history and field research, with special focus on boid snakes and Anolis lizards in the West Indies. His field work carries him to swamps and mountaintops around the southeast, as well as all over the Caribbean- from the Bahamas to Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Central America, and beyond. Dr. Reynolds is the co-editor of the books The Amphibians of Tennessee and The Reptiles of Tennessee, and the co-discoverer of a new species of boid snake from a remote corner of the Bahamian Archipelago.

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