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What has become the Sunday tradition at Pisgah Brewing Company, Sundays are a special time with friends and musicians alike as they host an Open Jam every Sunday Afternoon.  This week is special, as it marks 3 YEARS of JAMS and amazing memories! Come help them celebrate with the VIBES!

All musicians are welcome to come sit in!  Some of America’s finest, touring artists will be featured every week.  Jam starts at 6:30pm and is free to the public.

This week, they welcome Jonathan Scales.  Jonathan is one of the most innovative steel pannists on the planet, and is redefining and challenging traditional expectations of his signature instrument. In his hands, the sonic palette of an instrument often associated with cruise ships and tropical resorts is radically expanded to mimic the role of horns, piano, vibraphone or marimba due to his stunning, virtuosic technique. Scales’ mesmerizing compositions have captivated listeners and elevated him to the status of a true composer, forging new territory in the medium of instrumental music.

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