Just Brew It 2014

With so many great breweries in Asheville, it’s easy to sometimes overlook the importance of our homebrewing community. WNC’s homebrewers are the tinkerers, amateur craftsmen (and women!), and all around beer enthusiasts that play an integral part in supplying Asheville’s thriving craft brew scene with a near unending supply of creativity, love and support. After all, how many of the great craft breweries that we enjoy today would even exist if not for some enterprising home brewer experimenting with craft beer at home?

With so many homes, barns, basements, garages, and sheds stocked with untold treasures of homebrew goodness, how are your tastebuds ever going to get a sample of some of these amazing creations? The folks at Just Economics, a local non-profit that advocates for living wages throughout WNC, might just have the answer.  This Saturday, hundreds of folks showed up in front of the Wedge Brewery  to enjoy the ‘Just Brew It’ Home Brew Festival. ‘Just Brew It’ has become one of the highlight events of Asheville Beer Week, and it is the premiere tasting event for the homebrew community.

Working to benefit the economic justice work of Just Economics, some 50+ homebrewers spent the afternoon serving over 100 of their own beers. And even though these homebrewers don’t do it for the accolades and prizes, a host of prizes were given away and the end of the event, with many of the festival winners getting a chance to brew their winning batch of homebrew at one of our local breweries!

Congrats to all the winners, and especially to Andy Ferko with his Vermont Maple Vanilla Cream Ale.

(all photos courtesy of the Asheville Ale Trail)

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