winnersIt’s only fitting that the first cool, crisp day that hints of winter here in the mountains inevitably draws us to the dark, delicious, malty goodness that is International Stout Day.  So, for your enjoyment, today we bring you the results of our “WNC’s  Favorite Stout” Readers’ Poll. Voting was fast AND furious (more on that in a moment), and the results are in!

We’re pleased to announce that Brevard based Oskar Blues Brewery’s TEN-FIDY Imperial Stout is the winner in the 2013 Asheville Ale Trail’s ‘Favorite Stout’ Readers’ Poll.  Every one of the stouts on our list this year is certainly worth trying, and rounding out or top three for honorable mention this year are:

2. Highland Brewing’s Black Mocha Stout
3. Burial Beer’s Donut Skillet Stout

fanAs a reminder, this was NOT a scientific poll, and the results are exactly what they are; lovingly submitted by Asheville and WNC’s most fervent craft beer enthusiasts, with some more fervent than others.  Burial Beer gets a special prize in this year’s readers’ poll for the “Most Fervent Fan.” Someone out there REALLY loves them some Donut Skillet Stout…so much so that they managed to show their love a whopping 216 times in an hour and a half!  While we appreciate what great fans we have here along the Asheville Ale Trail, and certainly are in awe of that particular reader’s enthusiasm, we did want to mention that we reduced that particular reader’s voting submissions to a single vote.  We’re also hoping that particular fan heads over to Burial when the Skillet Stout is back on and orders up some brew as many times as they voted.

We’d like to remind all of you that there are PLENTY of great stouts out there just waiting for you to try ’em, and today is THE DAY to go out and try some!

For Stout Day, the Asheville Ale Trail wants to see some pictures of YOU enjoying your favorite locally brewed stouts.  Post pictures to Twitter or Instagram using the #AVLAleTrail tag along with #StoutDay and your pictures will show up on our website.  We’ll pick our favorite Instagram Pic or Tweet from the day using these two tags and some lucky reader will be getting hold of some cool brewery swag.  We’ll be hitting the trail , out in search of the best places to enjoy WNC’s best stouts.  Follow us on any of our social media channels (facebookTwitterGoogle+) to get the latest stout day events and info.

[symple_box color=”yellow” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”] In a show of good sportsmanship, Oskar Blues and Burial Beer released a collaborative brew.
I present to you –

Voter Fraud Session Ale


Now go get your #StoutDay on!

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