Hi-Wire Brewing Co, located at 197 Hilliard Ave. in downtown Asheville,  opened early this year to great reviews and success for their line of beers that were uncomplicated, unpretentious, and (most importantly) just plain good.  Hi-Wire has also built a name for themselves by bottling their brews from opening day, opening up their availability to a wider audience and allowing beer lovers to enjoy Hi-Wire’s signature brews at home.  Building off the success of their year round line up of brews, the team at Hi-Wire began dipping their toes into the seasonal beer market this week with the release of their new seasonal, the Strongman Stout.

This release is a bit unusual in that, despite the brewery’s relatively smaller size, this brew will immediately be bottled and made available in 6-packs. During recipe development, brewers had dubbed the brew as a ‘café con leche’ stout, a delicious coffee milk stout, that was crafted to be sweet, creamy and delicious all over.

To celebrate the release of Strongman Stout and its availability in 6-packs, Hi-Wire hosted a Strongman Stout Brunch at the brewery’s tasting room on Saturday (October 26th) where patrons enjoyed coffee mugs filled with the first pourings of the Strongman Stout as it was paired up with a catered, three-course brunch featuring mango-stuffed Johnny cakes, a pork-topped short stack of hot cakes with maple syrup, and avocado-chutney laden breakfast tacos.

strongman bottles

Strongmen coming off the bottling line

Strongman is also sporting a special new packaging developed by local packaging company Custom Packaging of Asheville.  This innovative new 6-pack carrier also pretty much guarantees that future seasonals and ‘side-show’ delights will be available in bottles as well.  Owner Adam Charnack explains, “Basically, other companies that 6-pack their seasonals create a new 6-pack carrier for each style; in addition to designing a new label for each seasonal beer, they also have to design a new 6-pack carrier for each release. So, strongman barwith help from Asheville’s Custom Packaging, we invented an attractive all-in-one Seasonal 6-pack carrier that has open windows in it, so the consumer can see the bottles inside and know what seasonal is in the carrier.” Beginning this week in October, look for Hi-Wire’s seasonal beers in 6-packs at its tasting room and in select specialty bottle shops throughout Asheville.

Strongman Stout is available at Hi-Wire Brewing Co. and area shops and stores.  For more information call the brewery.

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