Ok… So this is not exactly new, but with all the craziness along the Asheville Ale Trail the last few weeks, this is one that blew right past us (see what we did there?).  At the beginning of the month, Green Man Brewing released a brand new beer that’s definitely worth your attention.

Leaf Blower is a new ‘in-between’ seasonal beer (or ‘tweasonal’ as the clever folks at Green Man told me), perfect for the shoulder weather we have in late august through September.  Hopped with whole leaf Vanguard hops, Leaf Blower offers a subtle hop flavor that balances the earthiness and bitterness together in a low-alcohol, malt forward beer. When you’re looking for something that has a little malt, this is the perfect beer for that first crisp day in September.

Every fall, the release dates for seasonal beers seem to creep up earlier and earlier.  It’s not exactly unwelcome (when is good beer ever unwelcome?), but it does throw our calendar off a bit.  The next thing you know, we’re hording fall beers in August so we’ll have enough for a few of those outdoor parties by the open fire come October.  Here’s hoping more brewers take note of this great “tweasonal” idea, and keep our fall beers for the fall.

What: Leaf Blower from Green Man Brewing
Where: Available at your favorite bottle shops and stores
When: Available now…and until it’s not

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