Green Man Brewing has been making Legendary Ales since 1997, but now Green Man is debuting a new series of historical beers dating back to the 19th Century. Green Man’s specialty brewer Mike Karnowski is spearheading a new series of old beers that come from English recipes from 1850-1915.

The plan is for a series of eight beers straight from vintage brewing logs. The first batch goes on tap at Dirty Jack’s this week, and is billed as a “Traditional Mild.” This recipe dates from 1915, and clocks in at 6% ABV. Brewed with British pale and domestic 6-row malts along with a small amount of caramel and black malts and two types of brewing sugars, it’s deep mahogany color and fruity aroma will likely make us all nostalgic for tweed hats and big moustaches.

Future releases in the series are scheduled to come out about every two weeks, and next up is the original Black IPA, an East India Porter from 1855, black and roasty with 94 IBUs and dry hopped with Fuggles.

What: Green Man Brewing presents Historical Beer Series
Where: Available at Green Man Tasting Room (Dirty Jack’s), 23 Buxton Ave, Asheville, NC
When: Starting this week, with new beers in the series coming out about every two weeks

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