Riverbend Malthouse, maker of some of the finest ingredients that go into many an #AVLBeer, just announced a major new expansion this week.  Riverbend Malt House started in 2010, and has experienced significant growth year after year and now supplies its products to over 120 Craft Brewers and Distilleries.  The expansion is expected to create 15 new jobs and invest nearly $10 million in new facilities, machinery and equipment.

Congratulations to all the folks at Riverbend, and a big thank you for making our local beer a little more local!

Additional details in the press release below:

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Homegrown Riverbend Malt House Announces Expansion

Asheville, NC May 22, 2017 – In conjunction with the Asheville City Council, Buncombe County Commission, and the Economic Development Coalition for Asheville-Buncombe County (EDC), Riverbend Malt House announced today it will expand its headquarters and manufacturing operations in Asheville.  The expansion will create 15 new jobs and invest $9.5 million over the next four years in new facilities, machinery and equipment.

Founded in Asheville, in 2010, Riverbend Malt House creates artisan malts for the craft beer and distilling industries. Malt is a key ingredient for the craft beer industry, with most major producers based far from Asheville.  Riverbend’s Malt is sourced from regional farms throughout the Southeast, travels fewer miles in process and thus reduces the environmental impact of the craft beverage manufacturing process.  Riverbend prides itself on extraordinary products that lead to great tasting beer for a growing clientele that includes over 120 of North America’s finest craft breweries and distilleries.

“With our expansion we’ll be buying more grain from regional farmers and creating new manufacturing jobs in Asheville at above living wage levels, with healthcare benefits,” noted Riverbend’s CEO, Scott Hickman. “Our motto is ‘Malt with a Mission’ and a key part of that mission is to help local farmers and workers participate in the amazing growth of craft beer and distilling.”

“The growth of a home-grown, sustainably-oriented industry supplier like Riverbend Malt is important to Buncombe County and offers significant competitive advantage to our local brewers,” noted Buncombe County Chairman, Brownie Newman.

“Success stories like Riverbend Malt have tremendous local impact,” said Asheville Mayor Esther Manheimer. “Beyond the immediate benefit of new jobs and community investment, these expansions strengthen our national reputation as a hub for innovation and thriving entrepreneurship.”

“We all share in the success when local businesses grow,” stated EDC Board Chair,Janice Brumit. “Riverbend Malt is an exceptional story, and with their success comes a brighter future for local farmers, a stronger supply chain for local brewers, and valuable jobs for the Asheville Region.”



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