Riverbend Malt House is one of those interesting new (to our area, at least) ideas born from Asheville’s thriving brew scene. Founded in 2011, Riverbend Malt House was the first traditional malt producer in the state, and makes locally farmed artisanal malts for the area’s craft brewers.

Riverbend uses a traditional floor malting technique to produce their goods, a process similar to what scottish whiskey makers use. It is a method that takes time, care, and patience, and it is also why their malts have been a part of many, many great Asheville beers in the last year.

So, if you’re interested in seeing the malting process in action, email the owner Brent (brent@riverbendmalt.com) to schedule a tour. Saturday mornings are typically the best time for tours, but the guys are flexible, so send an email and Brent will get back with you in short order. Tours typically take about an hour, and you’ll tour the facility and get to see first hand the steeping, germination and kilning steps of the malting process. It is essential to plan in advance, but as further testament to how great these guys are…tours are FREE!

What: Riverbend Malt House
Where: Riverbend Malt House, 99 Pond Road Asheville, NC 28806
Contact: Brent Manning, brent@riverbendmalt.com to schedule a tour

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