Highland brewing has released their refreshed branding.

Talk on social media is mixed, but that’s to be expected with a change this dramatic. Leah Wong Ashburn, Highland Brewing’s president and family owner, didn’t go into this decision lightly. She said the goal of the refresh was to bring Highland’s look inline with their beer. To do it they participated in a Nielsen study to better understand how they were perceived in the market. They questioning three groups: people who had not heard of Highland Brewing, people that were familiar with the brand and people who loved them. They discovered that all three groups felt the brewery had outgrown their branding.

Once they arrived at the decision to refresh their brand, they started looking for a branding professional that really knew craft beer and would understand Highland’s 24 years of history and heritage. In their research, Helms Workshop was a name that kept coming up. Helms has worked with a number of high profile breweries including Boulevard, Full Steam and Sierra Nevada. As it turned out, Christian Helms, the owner, would spend his summers in Black Mountain and had been a huge fan of Highland since their beginning in the basement below Barleys Pizza.

Helms worked with Highland to distill their core values of Pioneers in Craft Beer and their love of, and connection to, their home in Asheville, North Carolina. While holding onto the bounding circle from their old logo, they incorporated a compass to symbolise their spirit and used bold colors representing the many moods of the Appalachian mountains that the brewery calls home.

When seen together on the shelf, the new labels make an attractive and bold statement.



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